Video Production

Professional Video that Works for You

Creative and Affordable Professional Video


Music videos have a powerful ability to communicate the creative image of a musician or group to people everywhere. We will personally work with you on crafting an interesting concept, as well as refining and promoting it. We have the creative intuition and necessary resources to produce a professional video that will help you connect with your audience.

At Avazar Media, we know that video can be intimidating. You excel at expression through music, and we strive to complement that. We want you to enjoy the video process just as much as you enjoy making music. Music videos should be collaborative, not a separate artistic endeavor. We make sure that you will be comfortable communicating your artistic vision. Let us build a relationship with you as we work towards one goal: capturing an incredible video that promotes your artistry.

Knowing the Tools & Process

As professional videographers, we have an understanding of how film starts behind camera and continues in the editing suite. Whether it’s a single, an electronic press kit, or a featured music video, you will get a high-definition and cinematic video.

Only Professional Gear

We work with professioanl video gear such as RED Cinema Cameras, Canon DSLR’s, Carl Ziess and Canon optics, Ronin 3-Axis stabilizers, and professional lighting. Our post technicians are trained in Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro.

Power of Video as Promotion

Growing up in the new millennium has been an exciting experience for our producers. Digital content is virtually anywhere, often in the palm of someone’s hand. Having a polished video can help bring your art into the fastlane of media consumption.

Meaningful Edits

We start each project by capturing the ambience and “vibe” of your performance. We then use professional post-production techniques to shape the material into a piece that flows as naturally as your music to make sure you stand out of the crowd.

Making the Price fit the Project

Your budget is important to us, but it does not define the end product. Avazar Media makes videos that reflect your artistry, not the amount of money in your pocket. We will meet with you in person and make it a priority for you to feel comfortable with the money you’re spending, and how this money is used.

Integration with Audio

By combining our video with professionally recorded audio, we create a transparent media experience. Fans can see and hear you in a way that is truly representative of how you perform in real life. Let Avazar Media show how a well produced video can benefit you group or organization.