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About Avazar Media

The Story of Avazar Media
About Avazar Media in Chicago

At Avazar Media, we believe that every musical event should be an immersive multimedia experience. In today’s social media landscape, videos let fans engage with your art and product. The video medium showcases the full experience of your performance. Combining this with pristine sound quality, Avazar Media balances audio and video in a way that other services do not

Founded in 2014, Avazar Media is a Chicago-based team of audio engineers, videographers, musicians, and film directors. Founded by two people that love music and video, and with a little help from a company called Arizona Stage Rentals, Avazar Media seeks to eliminate the gap between a musical recording and video shoot. We soon added a few employees, and the rest as they say is history. Avazar Media now takes on music and video projects throughout the Chicago area.

Our Typical Productions Require:

  • Sound Engineering 80%
  • Video Production 90%
  • Video Editing 70%
  • Audio Production 70%
  • Live Event Production 30%
Meet our Audio and Video Pros
team member
Jerry Mills
Recording Engineer

Jerry Mills is a recording engineer and musician based in Chicago. He’s currently attending University of Illinois for Sound Recording Technology. He’s a classically trained vocalist but grew up playing with rock bands and is comfortable working anywhere on the spectrum. He’s freelanced extensively, recording mixing and mastering folk, rock, children’s music and solo classical performances.

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Peter Lynch
Videographer & Director

Peter Lynch is a videographer and director and is working on his undergraduate degree at Chicago's Columbia College. He spends his spare time on set in various freelance projects and continues to work as a production assistant on large shoots. He has also directed commercial material on his own as well as work with film collective 554 on various music videos and promotional shoots.

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Joe Thomas
Recording Engineer

Joe is a recording engineer and writer. He’s also in the Sound Recording Program at DePaul. Much of his childhood was spent playing rock music and recording friends. He just released an album of original material and has helped on various live-sound and recording scenarios through schools throughout the Chicago area.

team member
Tim Rutlage
Media Coordinator

Tim is a cinematographer and technician. He’s has studied and enjoys film production and specializes in working with small companies on music and training videos. He’s worked on everything from promotional material to music videos as well as several feature films. Tim has worked in numerous capacities and specializes in both lighting and camera operation.

Have a Question or need a Project Estimate? Feel free to contact us directly.

At Avazar Media, we look forward to speaking about future projects with prospective clients. We believe that every event deserves documentation and promotion, so we'll work with any budget to find a solution to your audio-visual needs. Reach us by phone or email and we can talk about our various production options. Whether you are looking for a large-scale promotional video or the most basic of recordings, Avazar Media provides the best product at unbeatable prices. Please look at our production level tiers to find out more about the variety of services we offer.

Feel free to contact us directly, or use the form on our “Contact Us” page. When requesting an estimate, please provide as much information about your project as possible. This will help us make our estimate more accurate. Please make sure you have entered your email address correctly so that we can get back to you. Thank you for considering Avazar Media.